Dead To A Dying World return with their long-awaited sophomore effort, a bold, magnificent, and defining opus entitled Litany. This follow-up to the band's 2011 self-titled debut is an endeavor that emboldens the Texas septet’s tremendous creative spirit. Litany is increasingly ambitious with each of its six triumphant musical movements, demanding hope and despair in its deliberate parade of the sours of humanity. Litany was produced by the celebrated Billy Anderson and features guest appearances from members of Pallbearer, Sabbath Assembly, Pinkish Black, and contributing musician Sarah Ruth Alexander.


released October 16, 2015

All songs written and performed by Dead To A Dying World

Mike Yeager on Vocals
Heidi Moore on Vocals
Eva Vonne on Viola
Sean Mehl on Guitar and 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Gregg Prickett on Guitar
James Magruder on Bass Guitar, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar, and Piano
Cyrus Meyers on Drums, Concert Bass, and Orchestra Bells

Additional vocals by Brett Campbell, Daron Beck, Jamie Myers-Waits, and Sarah Alexander, Hammer Dulcimer performed by Sarah Ruth Alexander

Recorded Summer 2014 at The Echo Lab
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Billy Anderson
Additional Engineering by Matt Pence and Justin Collins
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Mastering
Pre-production by Chris Williams at Tidepool Studios

Artwork by Sera Timms
Layout Design by Kevin Gan Yuen


all rights reserved



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Dark. Heavy. Seasoned to Perfection.

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Track Name: The Hunt Eternal
In skin of ash and stone
Gaunt shade compelled to roam
Ice heart forms a cage
Black fangs a yearning blade
Mind bent a starving slave
None mourn the marching grave
In dreams we hide in light
Black eyes will eat the night

And the world grew cold
Pitted guts relentless call
As one of us fell a stark prayer answered
The flesh stuck in our throats
Swallow and thrive, swallow and writhe within

Torn skin consumed by plague
Famine does not assuage
Resigned unto this fate
Monochrome crushing wave
Wince in pain broken sight
Bound to us by bridled right

As days turned we abandoned our gods
Our mouths rotten with the flavor or our own
Gnashed and bled only a searing blade
May halt our grim endeavor

Let these fires rend my heart
Till arrows fear to nest
Pray no blade should cut my flesh
And to the ground come to rest

To thrive on spoils
The hunt eternal
Two serpents coil
The pain immortal

Crumbled road, rendered fat
Bearing teeth, soulless gaze
Hallowed flesh, hunger pangs
Craven thirst, forsaken

Drift and scatter
Slow cold surrender
Race to the pyre
Shade of slaughter

A coffin of hunger
A body to suffer
Devour forever
A starving vessel
A bloodless pillar
Consuming forever
Track Name: Cicatrix
Behold, as the Aeons change,
Hints of life flicker once more.
The dust of the old world
Still falls around us.
Memories of low concussions,
Haunt the days.
Myria, count the years of failure.

Each day more gray than the one before.
Each day more gray than the one before.
Soon all the trees in the world will fall.

Each day more gray than the one before.
Each day more gray than the one before.
We shall not bring new life into a dying world.

Each day more gray than the one before.
Blood is the only thing within the hearts of men.
Track Name: Eventide
White, light, entwined
The blood of oak

Wing, carried seed
The sacrament

Twin, bulls
The sacrifice

Our, vows, intoned
Now sanctified

Rising, ever higher, our pleas ascend
Golden, harvest sickle cuts clean
The waxing, crescent, glares down
This ritual, of oak, blood and seed

My body bows at the wooded edge
Eyes soaring beyond the horizon
My limbs form branches, and outward
Snapping stone seeking waters
I feel the songs of my line
Burning river of golden eyes
Staring back

Wolf Eyes, stare within
The bond lies cut.
This blade of silver.
Tear the veins of earth

We are the ravens of dusk
We are the stag at dawn
We are the carving waters
And the battle raging on
We are the waxing moon
We are the starless void
We are the endless well
And the river flowing inward
And the river ever flowing
And the river ever flowing
Track Name: Beneath the Loam
Bending the mountains down
Flowing fire
Sky crawling monolith
Souls will rise
Carving earth
Roots expand
Casting fate
Moons advance
No longer free to drift
Throne a pyre
Calling back
Shields alive
Walls will rise
Ochre hands
Shrine a pyre

We fear the trees, the dark within
Our shadows flat black, tethers in the sun
Ghosts of our past, spirits race the winds
Breaking stone we bow to plow and the hearth

Brothers and sisters, are scattered to the pillars
Each set to wander ash sick and sundered
The trine ever flowing, inward and swelling
One hunt, one sowing, the last overflowing

Brittle embers flicker inside
Where blasting suns once raged
Starving bitter hands dig cold
Warmth just beyond reach

The moons mark our harvest, no longer, the hunt
Dig, for we hunger, now stone, over feather
A husk, staring back
Still feral, unbridled, yet slaves, through dominion

Though tried by blood and ruled by fire
Three Circles, Three Sigils
Each to their own, dead to empire

We fear the trees, the past lies within
Our shadows flat black, tethered by sun
Breaking stone we bow to plow and the hearth
Track Name: Sick & Sunder
Track Name: Narcissus
Bewitched by the eye of the storm
Offerings of wheat and flesh performed

Blind turned eye, to the ruins
Walls will rise to consume you

Carved stones as law
Are the bars of your cell
The fear burns in deep
Like the hole in your heart

Wrath as man, soulless demon
Grey of death, marching desert

Steeds of despair
Craving flesh of their lords
Three ravens stare
As the hound flees in fear

Is this our fate
Rise to decay
How can we break
This wheel of pain

Stars made flesh with hearts of fire
Mind of light and feet of iron
The body shackled to desire
Leads the shepherd to the alter

The noose is tied, unto the oak
The blade is sharp, against my throat
And though I fall, into black seas
I’m blinded by, what can’t be seen
No king or priest, no gods of men
Will change this fate, our prophecy

Nemesis, your fate, lured to abandon
Unable to break the gaze that enslaves you

Rise or die, burn the alter
End the reign of mortal bondage

Though the path is clear
And our feet know the way
Do we choose to follow
Or can we break away

The noose is tied, unto the oak
The blade is sharp, against my throat
And though I fall, into black seas
I’m blinded by, what can’t be seen
No king or priest, no gods of men
Will change this fate, our prophecy